Church too big?

I was talking to someone this week who used the word “mega-church” in a sentence like a “bad word”. We were talking about Church and this person said “I would never want to attend one of those “mega-churches” like my mother does. I want to go to a church where everyone knows me, and my family sits in the same pew each week.” I didn’t argue…I just said that there are plenty of churches like that…I’m sure you’ll find one. (It’s kind of like someone looking for a “boxy” subcompact or an “egg-shaped’ mini-van, chances are good that they will find one-where ever they look.)

As we prepare to launch actionchurch we are currently attending a “dreaded mega church”. LCBC is “Big” in all the right ways. Big in vision, big in impact in their community, and really big in attendance. Can I tell you something though? I am completely finished with the argument about how “big” a church should be. I’m Done! I’ve come to believe after hearing the same “big churches are bad” arguments from both pastors and attenders that: A person’s “ideal size” church is determined by their understanding of the purpose of the local church.

Here’s my thinking:

  • If you think church is a “place to learn”: Big classroom = “bad”/ Little classroom = “good”
  • If you think church is a place to be “fed”: Crowded restaurant = “bad”/ Half empty buffet = “good” (As long as there is plenty of food to stuff your face.)
  • If you think church is a place to care for your “hurts and ills”: Crowded doctors office = “bad”/ Personal physician = “good”.
  • If you think church is the local gathering of “kingdom revolutionaries” who’s mission is to “conquer” your city with “salt and light“: Big revolutionary force = good!!!/ Small revolutionary force = not as effective.

actionchurch wants to gather “kingdom revolutionaries”. The more the better! Even if that means “everyone doesn’t know everyone”, the parking lot is crowded, and you might not get “your seat”. Viva la revolucion!

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