Coming Soon: "action heroes"

From the beginning, this blog has been about sharing the dream and vision of actionchurch with anyone who cared to follow along. First of all thanks to all of you who join us each week…I’m blown away. Something has been bothering me recently though. At actionchurch, “action is our first name”…wow does that sound corny- but true. We believe in “a little less talk and a lot more action”. Yet so far, this blog has been mostly informational in nature…that’s about to change! I think I have a way that we can all “play along at home” as we gather at this blog each week.
Stay tuned for a new “feature” called action heroes!

Disclaimer: Don’t worry, we are not developing “actionchurch: the board game.” action heroes will not involve forwarding hokey religious emails to “ten of your friends as-soon as-possible-before-they-fry-in-the-pits-of-hell”! action heroes will not involve cashing large cashiers checks for my uncle who just happens to be a Prince in Nigeria. Relax, there will be no prayer cloths or anointing oil to purchase. If you do choose to participate, I believe it could be one of the most rewarding things you do each week…no matter what state or city you live in!

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