I love nothing more than to tell the story of actionchurch. It pumps me up to tell the vision for York County that we have been given. The last few days, though, I have gained so much from listening:

  • Listening to the stories of an older church planter who made 22,000 phone calls to gather his first crowd…(even though it might get you “run out of town” by 22,000 angry people today-it worked then and his church is still going strong!)
  • Listening to men of God with tremendous records of success share some of their “failures” to encourage and warn “newbies” like me.
  • Listening to guys ten years younger than me who already know ten times more than I do about leading a church.
  • Listening to God who is urging me to do even more listening…

In the “Spirit” of Listening- I’ll shut up now.

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