Off to Buzz.

I’m off to the Buzz Conference in Washington D.C. (“our nations capitol” as Forrest Gump would say.)

Buzz conference will always have a special place in our hearts. Last year Michele and I attended Buzz during a very tough period of our life and ministry. We were on staff at a church and truly felt like there “must be something wrong with us” because we were not content to view church as some sort of “refugee camp” in a “lost and dying world”. We truly felt (it turned out not to be true) that we were the only one’s who thought the church should get off of it’s “blessed assurance” and actually engage the world with the Good News of Jesus. When we went to Buzz we found we were actually part of many people (I believe it is a movement) who are actively “compelling them to come in” . We still call Buzz the “I’m not crazy” conference! ….OK, maybe we are “crazy” for doing this…but definitely not alone.

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