We're going racing!

Part of the vision of actionchurch is “in order to connect with people who don’t normally go to church, we must go places churches don’t normally go.” (link) I think God is definitely making it possible, even at this early stage, to live out that vision. Last week we were the only church to have a team in the York Relay for Life , this week we signed on as the primary sponsor for the Bob Lash Racing #222 legends car!

I cannot tell you how excited I am about the possibilities of introducing ourselves to thousands of race fans at our local speedways. I snapped these pictures as I was measuring the car and trailer for our logo’s. (How cool is it that Bob’s race team colors just “happen” to be red, black, and silver?!) I will post a race schedule and pictures after our logo’s are applied next week. Our first race is scheduled for July 3rd at Susquehanna Speedway if you are would like to help us cheer Bob and the “actionchurch car” on. More details coming up…

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