Jesus take the Wheel

I’ve had over 30 hours “experience” sitting behind the steering wheel this week, so I thought I would experiment with an “interactive blog post” this morning.

Here’s your part: Go out to your vehicle, start it up but don’t put it in gear. Turn the steering wheel back and forth as many times as you want…just don’t actually put the car in gear. Did you do it? You’re back? Good. Here’s the Question- With all that “steering” did your car actually change direction? Did you actually accomplish anything? Hold that thought.

So many people I talk to mention at some point wanting to know God’s “plan” for their life. (No I’m not a counselor…more like a consultant.) It’s as if so many of us (myself included at times) are “idling” in our driveways while asking Jesus to “take the wheel” of our life…kinda like the Carrie Underwood song without the drama. Books have been written, seminars held, sermons preached but still so many find themselves unsure what “God’s will” is for their life. God’s steering input seems mystical, elusive, and hard to attain.

Remember our little steering “experiment”? I think God is much more willing to “steer” our lives than we think. I think the number one thing that hinders him is our unwillingness to “put it in gear” and actually move out without knowing our destination. (Sound Familiar?) Instead we wait and “pray”, paralyzed by fear and indecision, hoping that God will somehow reveal his plan for our life to us so we don’t have to actually live by faith. Imagine if we stopped our vehicles every time we turned the steering wheel…our lives, like our vehicles are best “steered” by gentle nudges on the wheel while it is already in motion. Still worried that you might take a wrong turn? God specializes in U-turns.

So what should you do if you are “idling” in the driveway of life? Put it in gear! Ask God to “steer” as you move in a direction that doesn’t contradict what the Bible already reveals to us to do. Example (s): If you need God’s direction in finances (and who doesn’t) start moving in the direction of being faithful in giving to your church and generosity to others…you will soon feel his hand on your life’s “steering wheel”. If you need God’s direction in your career, start moving in the direction laid out by the bible of being hardworking, honest, and dependable…God will “show up”! A wise Pastor, Gary Brothers, once put it this way and I will never forget it. He said “Do all you know to do, and let God handle the rest.”

Final thought: If you are not convinced that you need God’s hand on the “steering wheel” of your life try this experiment: Get in your car, start it up, and put both of your hands over your eyes. Don’t touch the steering wheel. Now step on the gas! You’re back? You did what??? I hope you’re OK. That’s pretty much what happened to me too every time I try to “drive” this thing called life on my own…

Disclaimer: All stunts done by a professional driver on a closed course. Never drive with both hands covering your eyes and no hands on the wheel…are you nuts??? Reading this blog may increase your insurance rates. Feel free to operate heavy equipment.

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