MGM thoughts…

We spent the day yesterday at Disney MGM. We ended up seeing several shows: Beauty and the beast and Playhouse Disney. Every venue was large and packed. The sound was amazing! It was loud…and clear. Even in the daytime, tons of lighting and projectors were used-effectively. (Matt and Steve check out that truss system…how much???) Michele wanted to “steal” the Playhouse Disney set for our “actionkids” area. It was excellent in every way…and you know what? We expected it to be!

Here’s what I didn’t experience- People looking for “smaller shows” because they couldn’t “get to know everyone” in such a large venue. People complaining that Disney spent “too much money” just to tell old fairy tales. For that matter, people wondering how much of their ticket price Disney spent on equipment…because “this stuff looks expensive”. People saying Disney should have stayed at the “plywood, paint, and glitter” production level their original “It’s a small world” ride…because that’s the “right” way to do fun. My daughter, Reagan, wished they had “gone deeper” into the story on Beauty and the Beast. Other than that…It was nothing like church.

Final Questions: Why do we expect a place like Disney to be technically excellent in telling their “stories”, and yet complain about churches who attempt to tell the Greatest Story with the same attention to detail???

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