Going home…

We’re heading out today, and I am excited to be going home. Not because we haven’t had a great week in the Orlando area. The weather has been perfect, the house we rented is flippin‘ sweet. We’ve eaten well and had lots of fun. By all accounts this has been a “dream vacation”!

Some reasons I am excited to be going home:

  1. My two favorite “girls” in the word are going with me…how sweet is that.
  2. I love the people of York county, PA. Nascar stickers, loud Harleys, hot rods, beautiful lawns…everything except the lawns part…you are my “people”.
  3. I am excited to be a little part of actionchurch! God’s “kingdom” is even more exciting than the Magic Kingdom.
  4. I miss my bed…

Cue Daughtry…cause I’m goin‘ home.

Edit: We made it back home seven-ish (Saturday) tonight. Thanks for prayers for a safe trip! I notice as I came down Rt. 30 that the street rods nationals are in town…sweet. Tomorrow afternoon I’ll have to take a cruize around. It’s good to be home.

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