Chicago style pizza and balloon animals.

An added bonus of this week in Kissimmee, FL. is that we are staying less than a mile from a Giordano’s pizza joint. They serve amazing Chicago style pizza (about 3 inches thick!). I am usually too impatient to wait a long time for food, but we make the time every time we are here…It’s worth it!

While waiting for our pie to cook and devouring our appetizers we had the good fortune to meet Noah, the “balloon animal dude”. This cat is a “jedi” of balloonology. He gets the kids laughing, the ladies blushing, and the dudes reaching for their wallets. He is absolute proof that if you do almost anything with enough passion and enough excellence it will draw a crowd. It turns out from our conversation that Noah is also a follower of Jesus. I think we need more “balloon Jedis” in the kingdom…If he lived a little closer to York, I would have tried to recruit him.

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