Monday Morning "Hodgepodge".

  1. I am Sick! I have some kind of bacterial infection in my throat/sinus… I haven’t felt this bad in a longgggg time. Pray that I get better quickly as we are leaving for vacation in two weeks and I have a lot to do!
  2. Mothers Day kind of sucked for Michele…. I was sick, she had to do everything…not at all what I hoped for her. Sorry! I owe you one.
  3. I went to Church and it Rocked! Even though I was “medicated” It was SO worth being there…
  4. Speaking of church, Newspring gave away a house to a single mother on Mothers Day! Read about it here. (link) They continue to set the standard for loving God, and loving their community in a visable way! Please DO NOT think, “It’s easy for them because they are a “big” church. It’s never easy to do something like that…no matter what size your organization is…it’s a question of being inwardly focused or externally focused.
  5. I need to lay down…

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