Learning from Moms.

One, among many things, that I struggle with in life is Jesus’ primary directive to “Love God with all your heart, and love your neighbor as you love yourself”. The more I find out about God the easier it is to keep the first part of the commandment. What I struggle with is the whole “love Everyone as yourself”(everyone is our neighbor according to Jesus). Just when I think I’m getting better at loving others, I find some new layer of “prejudice”, some new “lens” I view people through, some new excuse to love almost “everyone”-but not “this” person. I hope you “have it down” but I struggle in this area…

I’ve experienced some great Moms in my life. My mother raised seven (that’s right seven) of us in an 1800 sq. ft. house in Missouri! My wife Michele is the best Mom I have ever seen! She gets more accomplished in a day than most of us “mere mortals” accomplish in a week…if we’re lucky! My mother-in-law Wendy passed away of cancer over two years ago but I still both miss her and “feel her support” today. I have been very fortunate to be surrounded by truly great Moms!

Here’s a couple of things I am learning about “loving everyone” from great Moms. I hope they will help you too.
  1. Good Moms Love unconditionally! A good mom never meets an ugly baby, (thanks mom!) or a diaper too dirty, a nose too runny, to love her child. Imagine our culture and Churches filled with people who would truly extend love to “everyone”!
  2. Good Moms Love sacrificially! A good mom always gives “herself” for her children. From single moms giving their very lives to raise and provide for their children, to “stay at home” moms who “give up?” careers to care for theirs. Good Moms sacrifice! Can you imagine our culture and churches filled with people who would give up “their rights” to care for those who are hurting, new to the faith, struggling with the consequences of a lifetime of bad decisions?
  3. Good Moms Love much, and expect much! Finally, a good mom may well sacrifice her personal comfort for a crying baby, a hungry toddler, or a sobbing teenager. However, good mom’s are good teachers. They love their children unconditionally, but expect and guide them to “Grow”! A good mom would never allow for her (physically normal) child to reach their teenage years without learning to feed themselves, etc. Imagine our culture and churches filled with people who loved unconditionally, sacrificially, but expected growth! (Imagine if everyone was willing to take the time, and effort to teach others what they had learned.)

Thanks Moms! We salute you. We have so much to learn from you…no matter how old we are!

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