Signs of the times?

Have you noticed the deluge of “We buy all Real Estate” and “Cash for Real Estate” signs around the York area? If you haven’t, you are either an extremely focused driver, or you are completely out of it and “should not operate heavy equipment”. These signs are EVERYWHERE! They are on telephone poles, stuck in yards, on trucks, billboards, etc. I snapped this one out of my car window at an intersection yesterday. (By the way, that is exactly the kind of box van I would like to have for our actionchurch “gear”… )

The companies posting these signs-EVERYWHERE- are responding to the “soft” housing market and the rising number of home foreclosures happening. They “relieve” people facing foreclosure by quickly buying their homes before they are “repo’d” by their mortgage lender. (For the record: These companies make a profit by also “relieving” the distressed families of the last shreds of equity they have in their homes…draw your own conclusions.)

I hate the fact that so many people are losing their homes in York county. (Thinking out loud: I wonder what actionchurch can do to help ?) I do admire how relentlessly these companies are taking their “We buy real estate” message to the streets. I see so many people in our county with no connection to God. Foreclosure is painful, but missing out on the very reason you were created is an eternal tragedy. What if we were as relentless with the message of Jesus? What if we realized that people are even more “valuable” than distressed real estate? What if we plastered this town with our message? What if we spoke in actions that were “louder than words”? I can just see the signs!

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