…Louder than Words!

If actions speak louder than words

  • a generous tip and a thank you are more effective than (shudder) leaving a “gospel tract”.
  • letting someone in front of you in heavy traffic speaks louder than a “Jesus fish” on your car.
  • helping someone with their bags at Wal-mart is better than walking past them wearing a tacky Christian T-shirt.
  • being a great employee (or boss) will speak to your co- workers louder than peppering your conversations with “praise the lord” and “glory hallelujah”…
  • it’s better to mow your neighbor’s lawn while they are on vacation, than put a super-sized “old rugged cross” in your own.
  • being a loving husband (or wife), will tell your spouse you love Jesus more effectively than reciting the Book of Romans at the dinner table. (I better stop, this is starting to affect me personally.)

One of my greatest goals (and prayers) for actionchurch is that our message never becomes just the words spoken on Sunday Morning!

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