This Sunday @ actionchurch


This week is the final week of the “Selfie” sermon series and we’re going to take one more snapshot of ourselves from one more very important perspective.  How do people that don’t know me, see me?  What do people outside my circle of friends and family see?   Is it possible to live a life that causes even people who don’t like me, or agree with me, to consider me an honorable person?  The advice Paul gives in the final verses of Romans chapter 12 are absolutely invaluable for anyone…but ESPECIALLY followers of Jesus!  The practical directions for living found in these verses not only have potential to make our relationships better, but also cause people EVERYWHERE to view Christians in a MUCH more favorable light.  Bring a friend…bring a family member…bring someone who can’t stand you…just don’t miss the grand finale of the Selfie series Sunday!

We’re very excited that Josiah and Alyssa Eckhart are back with some more great music,  and actionkidz will be providing your kids best hour of the week on Sunday morning,   There’s really just too much going on Sunday to list…so you probably should just make plans to be there.  As always there will also be loads of yummy Maple Donuts, Muffins, Bagels, Hot Coffee, water,  and great actionchurch people to hang with.   It all starts at 10:30 am  at Frank Theaters Queensgate (Directions).

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