Sunday Recap: The Time Santa Danced.

santa-dancedLoads of fun this week.  It’s kind of hard to explain the mash-up that is actionchurch.  I thought maybe the best way would be to post some “behind the scenes” pics from the service  (more here from Garrett Snyder) and let you draw your own conclusions.  Without a doubt the life size dancing Santa will be remembered :-)   Thanks for loaning it to us Mr. and Mrs. Bob! 


This week we talked about the LOVE  that motivated God to send Jesus to earth.   Sin is not some sort of “naughty list” put together by God.  As Romans 6:23  says.  23For the wages(results) of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.  Because “God so Loved” the world he sent Jesus to save  ALL PEOPLE from the  results of their sin  (eternal death).  Our choice is whether we chose to accept Gods plan (the gift of Jesus)…or the results of our sin.   And yes somewhere in there I talked about robot hamsters,why I hate Kay Jewelers commercials, what not to google, porn-cheetos-and killing a man…which is why I saw the above message on my video monitor.  :-)


more_coatsSpeaking of Gifts of Love with no strings attached!!!  Sunday actionchurch folks donate 63 coats! That’s right we have now surpassed the “500 coats for Christmas” goal for the “no-longer-cold” kids of York City elementary schools.  Thank you all!!!


Chambered this week at actionchurch.  (Shown above having their pre-show apple-dandy donut feast.  Jimmy’s tired…not stoned.  :-)  )  Love having these guys at actionchurch.  They played the FIRST actionchurch test drive service over two years ago at Fat Daddies nightclub.  This week they rocked Joy to the World,  Bodies by Drowning Pool,  Cold by Crossfade, and O Come Emanuel…Seriously…and it was amazing.


Some of the best moments at actionchurch happen from 9am to 11am…before the “service” ever begins.  Guess what,  I’m pretty sure the whole thing is a “service”…and working with the actionchurch crew is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced.  Thank you all!   It’s the people that “make” the church.


…speaking of the people making actionchurch.  Kari and the actionkidz crew hit it out of the park every week!


The Duncan Donuts Coffee is pretty sweet also!


One more shot… Every week, without being asked,  folks fold up their chairs and tables and put them away.  I love the being part of a church where EVERYONE expects to “serve and not just BE served”  Way to go actionchurch folks…can’t wait to see what next year brings.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: The Time Santa Danced.

  1. No problem. I thought he kept up with the band pretty well!
    Thats one great thing about actionchurch, not afraid to try anything!

    Great message as well, Don!


  2. Yeah, Thanks for Sharing! He kept the beat better than I can…plus he brought a lot of joy to the crew. hahaha