feet up

So our family took the weekend “off” from actionchurch this week .  (Wow is my skin “pruny” from sitting in a jacuzzi tub all weekend).  A couple of thoughts about our weekend “off.”

1.  There is no better feeling than being able to take off for the weekend and being absolutely certain that things are “handled”.  I can truly “Chill” when we’re gone thanks to the great a/c crew.

2.  I missed actionchurch.  Not because I feel “guilty” about missing a week of church.  Not because our family didn’t desparately need a relaxing weekend “off”.  Not because I have to preach every weekend…  I just missed coming to actionchurch-and I’m really glad about that.  (Just being honest here, I have worked at places that there was no more “joyous occasion” than when we could be gone over a Sunday-just sayin  :-)

3.  Thanks Dr. Eric for taking the stage and bringing us the sermon Sunday.  Eric and Kari are some of the unsung heroes of actionchurch.  They supported the vision when there was absolutely nothing to “show for it”.  Eric is a guy I always know I can ask anything…even “does this look normal to you”.  Kari rocks running actionkidz…and I’m glad you all got to know them better.

4.  Taking time off  is a very good thing. I Can’t wait ’til next Sunday…and not just because it’s bring your chair to church Sunday  :-)  

5.  I’m really thankful there is a place like actionchurch in York, PA.  Thank you all…

One thought on “Staycation…

  1. You got a well deserved rest, Don. You can bring your recliner next week.