One thought on “Celebrate Freedom…

  1. Speaking of Freedom, Please Celebrate Me Home (Warning Kleenex alert)

    I think a member of the family is going Home: Arlene Graham, 87, my neighbor, a true friend, and open-hearted Christian. She came in, in November, to share her love and joy of creating beauty with The Action Kidz. I’ve learned a lot from her, believe it or not. She planted a garden and invited the world to enjoy it. She looked around to see how she could help and gave her small kindnesses generously. Who could ask for more? Arlene’s heart is failing (physically but not spiritually) and her doctors/hospital told her that they have done everything they can for her. Her family is with her round the clock, so she is not alone. She is in her own little room, surrounded by visible and invisible angels. but she can’t walk outside to see her garden. She met with her family on Sunday and I asked her if she said everything she wanted to say. She said “oh, yes.” She has lived a life to be admired. She just keeps saying of her family and friends, “they are so good to me” (attitude of gratitude) as if she is surprised and I keep saying “you are good to everyone.” I think it is good to have your heart broken open. (I warned you.)

    She asked that I pray for her to go Home. I said, “I know you will. I will see you later.” It is painful for her to breathe so I’m gonna stop asking her to. I just ask her to relax, (chill) that everything is going to be okay- she has taken care of everything and she can rest. I tell her that her tomatoes are growing well, but I’m glad that she had some recently because I don’t think she will taste them. I think if I see her again I will ask her to remember her favorite memories, look at pictures of her loved ones, play her favorite music, or just listen to whatever she can say. Seems like that might be the way she wants to go. We’ll see what tomorrow holds. Puts everything in perspective.