Sunday Recap: Father's Day

Had a blast celebrating Father’s day “actionchurch style” this Sunday.  If you missed the sermon opener “Cool Guys don’t look at explosions” you can check it out above.  We talked about discouragement…about how no matter how “well you know God” or how “tough” you are our enemy still comes at us with the weapon of discouragement.  In 1 Kings chapters 18-19 Elijah (the original “cool guy who doesn’t look at explosions”) prayed and brought down fire from heaven, killed 450 priests of Baal with his bare hands and a sword, prayed rain down from heaven after a 3 yr drought, and outran a horse in a 6 mile “pants-less” race.  However, in the next few days (Chapter 19) Elijah is found lying under a tree praying for God to “kill me now”.   Temptation may knock us down…but discouragement causes us to not “get back up”.  In order to beat discouragement we need to take a break, be honest with God about our reasons for giving in to discouragement…and then “go back the way we came”.

The Highlights…

Gave out gift cards for “five dollar foot longs” to Dads.  We are really so blessed to have so many men that attend actionchurch.

Torn from Red onstage…really appreciated Mike breaking out a little “Open the eyes of my heart” at the end.  It’s an old song…but Mike made it seem “right now”. 

With Steve on drums Garrett manned the sound booth.  What a “strobe-riffic” lightshow.   :-) 


Garrett and the “strobe” button

I got to practice “walking away from an explosion” like the cool guys in the movies…   Think it would have been better if we had a wind machine to blow my hair.  :-)

My favorite part of the day was when my little “actionkid” ran up on stage afterwards to give me the Frisbee she made me…awwwww.

I know lots of you have been dealing with really discouraging things.  You are not alone.  You are part of the “Resistance”.  If you were not important to Jesus’ kingdom plan for earth Satan wouldn’t even bother with attacking you!  Never quit.

Thanks as always to the Crew and contributors of all kinds that make actionchurch happen!  It was a hectic week…as usual you guys made it great.

Next week we will be finishing out the “Resistance” series by discussing the strategy of distraction that Satan uses against us.

I am SOOOOOO flippin’ excited about being able to announce what we are doing in July next week. I think next month is going to be so much fun…sorry can’t announce anything ’til next Sunday!

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  1. Thanks for the subs! The one I got was delicious!


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