Fathers Day Weekend.

Ultimate BBQ

Don’t forget to Honor your Father this Father’s Day weekend.  If you still haven’t picked out a gift may I suggest the 400HP BBQ.  (I wouldn’t mind having one myself…hint hint.)

I am so thankful for the example my Dad has shown me over the years.  His actions and “Dadism’s” such as “Try again, then go back and try again”, and  “Somebody had to do it the first time”, and even  “Never give up until you need a clean pair of pants” still influence me in everything I do today.  (Okay, some of his “wise sayings” were a bit disgusting but they certainly got his point across to a thick headed son like me.)

What have you learned from your Dad?  

 Have you told him how much he has influenced you?

See ya at actionchurch on Sunday morning for a totally Duderiffic/Dadriffic episode of “the Resistance”.

2 thoughts on “Fathers Day Weekend.

  1. Wow. That. BBQ grill. would. be. awesome!

    I wonder how many hot dogs you could incinerate at one time with that baby?

    We need one of those for a “Chill Out” time. ;)


  2. hi fathers day was a good one at action.you hit home with me in more ways than one. fathers day is hard for me,thanks for making it better.i hope this change in the e-mail works.bill and garrett says it wouldn’t work.i am not good on the computer and or typing/spelling/or talking.ha ha hope to hear from you and happy fathers day to you!!!!!!!!!!! thanks again kim