Sunday Recap: "Resistance" pt. 1


Packing the animals after actionkidz

This Sunday was week one of the “Resistance” series at actionchurch.  The actionkidz started a series about creation at the Garden of Eden…so they had lots of animals, vines, jungle stuff, etc.  (I couldn’t resist snapping a shot of them shoving all of their inflatable animals in their “bus” entertainment center :-)   We talked about the defenses we have against the “strategies and tricks” of Satan.  Our job is not to “destroy evil”…God is going to do that after Jesus comes back…but to “resist” and “remain standing” when Satan attacks.  It’s frustrating that evil never quits…never gives up…always keeps coming at us like a “terminator”.  The Good news is that God has given us everything we need to resist the attacks.   All of us are responsible for standing against Satan.  “If  you’re listening to this you are the Resistance.”

The Highlights:

Thanks everyone who stepped up to walk of donate to Relay for Life this week.  You guys put the “action” into actionchurch.  Check into the website all week.  I will be updating our efforts…what you need to bring…details…etc.  Stay tuned.

I admitted that I think I really “blew it” as a leader by giving us so little time to prepare for relay as a church this year.  I thought that in the difficult economy it would be better to not “overdo” it by spending six weeks talking about it like we did last year. I think that was a tactical error and actually made it more difficult. Thanks for coming through inspite of my error. 

I also think I haven’t done a very good Job communicating what we do at Relay…we have so many new folks…I made the huge mistake of assuming most people knew.  As a I said earlier..stay tuned and I will try to “tell all” this week so you will all be absolutely prepared for FRIDAY!

Kate, on the other hand, did a great Job communicating the vision and mission of the “action underground”  small groups we plan to start.  Great response from you all…  I am really looking forward to seeing what this young lady can do.  actionchurch excels at turning young people who “complain”  :-)  that something needs to be done into LEADERS!

Hit or Miss on stage today.  Definitely a more laid back vibe this Sunday.   I really loved the song that they wrote that was inspired by the “My Life is a Circus” series.  I think Josiah is going to try to get it on the podcast this week…really a good song…I’m still singing it.

The Graffix for this series are seriously amazing…If we hadn’t just got done selling boxes of t-shirts (thanks!) I would want these graphics on a T.

21 T-shirts left of this addition…get one while you can.  We try to make them different every time so think of them as a “limited edition”.

Thanks to our fantastic crew!  You guys make this all-volunteer church thing a pleasure.

Thanks to Steve Grow for the artwork for the actionkidz creation series. Sorry you were sick…but the kidz were thrilled with your dino art!

Thanks to all of you who so generously donate.  We were really LOWWWW on funds heading into this month, and with the added expense of providing the inflatables, t-shirts, registrations, ice. etc for Relay it was really going to be tough to meet expenses.  Once again I think God has blessed us for being about “service for others” as a church instead of “Serve-us church”…and you guys have really stepped up the giving.  Thank you for your generosity!  I know a lot of you have been affected badly by the recession but still you continue to give to help others…

Next week should be lots of fun as most of us on stage and in the tech pit will have had very little sleep in the previous 48 hours.  Maybe we’ll all down red bull during the sermon…invite your friends. :-)

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