If you stole our sign…


Early every sunday morning Bill put’s up the actionchurch road signs…this week one was missing after church. 

I thought the person who stole it might go to actionchurch.com to see what kind of place they ripped off.   So if you stole our sign…

1.  You’re  forgiven…custom printed road signs are not cheap…but that’s how Jesus “roaled”…so you’re forgiven.

2.  I hope you hang it in your room as a “trophy”…maybe some of your friends will check it out…they might even want to come.  Yeah, I think we’re the kind of church that people with stolen road signs in their room would probably enjoy  :-)

3.  If you did it because you are burned by churches or just dislike the whole “religion thing”…it’s kind of Ironic that actionchurch actually exists for people who are “burned”…”burned out”…or “turned off” by religion in America.  You just might want to show up some Sunday morning…as long as you aren’t actually still holding the stolen sign we”ll never know it was you.  

4.  So basically our message to the “knuckle head sign thief” from last Sunday is this:   We love you anyway…Jesus Loves you most of all…you’re forgiven…and I think you might actually enjoy actionchurch on Sunday mornings.*  

*  If we catch you stealing more signs…we might just have to “lay hands on you”…  :-)

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