My Life Is A Circus (Part 4)

The Juggler

  This week we talk about “Busyness”.   If you’re struggling with how to deal with “too much stuff” crammed into too little time, and your schedule feels like you are “Juggling Chainsaws,”   there are two stories about Jesus that will help you re-organize your life.  If you are interested in actually learning how to Juggle (non metephorical)  chainsaws, this podcast probably won’t help much…

One thought on “My Life Is A Circus (Part 4)

  1. Enjoyed your message as always. Didn’t think you were talking to me though. I eat stress for breakfast. Working mom, taking classes, commitments at work, staining the outside of the house, commitments at traditional church, mother’s day, birthday parties, end of year stuff for youth fellowship….a list as long as my arm, down to the wire –
    God decided he needed to get my attention. As I was loading the car with all the junk for the bazillion things I had to do – I pulled the hatch down right onto my own face.
    Emergency room, xrays, broken nose, super glue the gash, tetnas (sp) shot, antibiotics, do not pass go, etc, etc.
    My very wise husband said”you should have listened to Don. Aren’t you glad he didn’t break your leg?”
    You know what? Everything that needed to get done, got done. People pulled around me and helped out. What didn’t get done – wasn’t all that important in the end.