My Life Is A Circus (Part 3)

The Tightrope Walker

Sorry about the delayed post, I (Josiah) was away, and then when I got back Steven (Club19 Dude) was away, and so everything is just getting posted now. Check back weekly for a more “weekly” posting.

This week we talked about trying to walk the “tightrope” of trying to live up to the other peoples expectations and demands. In the first ten verses of Luke 12 Jesus lays out a plan for jumping off the “tightrope” into a completely different way of living. Listen in for ways to cut stress and dishonesty from your life, without having to fake your own death and move to Albuquerque.

Quote of the week: (Talking about yeast) “It gets really, really gassy. Every dude knows this. Sugar, alcohol, and warm place. It gets really, really gassy”. -Don Record

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