You can't please everyone…make that anyone.


Last week Miss California Carrie Prejean was asked about gay marriage during the Miss USA contest (if you missed all the blah blah blah …congratulations…you have a life!)

Here’s the interesting point of the “controversy”…at least to me.   Miss Prejean’s answer that “marriage is between a man and a woman” immediately drew criticism from SOME gay people, including Judge Perez Hilton.  She was also criticised by others all over the media who support Gay marriage.  Her statement was supported and praised by religious types for “standing up for what she believes”…that is until some other religious types decided that maybe she should be criticised for posing in “revealing outfits” for the competition…religious types that had praised Miss California were criticised for applauding a young woman who “causes men to lust”.  Geeeezzz!

Here’s my question,  whether you can fit in an size 2 evening gown or not, how would you answer if someone stuck a microphone in your face and asked you a controversial question?  What would motivate your answer?  Who would you try to “please”?   Would your answer be  the  same no matter who was asking…or would your answer “change” depending on your audience?

Looking forward to continuing the “My life is a Circus” series on Sunday.  We’re gonna be talking about the “tight rope walker”.  If you have ever felt like you need to please “everyone”…and end up pleasing NO ONE…this Sunday is for you.  If you try to “balance” between the “church you”…the “family you”…the “weekend you”…the “work/school proffessional you” and the “real you”…this week is for “all of you”.

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