York Dispatch Articles

For those of you who don’t get the York Dispatch, we were part of two articles about “church attendance.” My own picture made it to the front page, and I apologize for ruining your evening newspapers. : ) Here are the links:

York County churches work to fill the pews

Young adults change their thinking on church

To be honest, I appreciate that they came and talked to us, but I was a little disappointed by both articles. A lot of churches automatically play the blame game with society for “making people not want to come to church.”

If newspapers are going to write stories about the church, they should be about how ridiculously the church is helping the homeless, showing love to homosexuals, and pouring itself out into the community. There is enough gloom running around the news media, how about some stories about how people are helping other people and getting by?? The worst of our problems is NOT church attendance.

One thing I do know, we are a church for people who don’t like church. NO, we don’t worship the Devil. A lot of us have hundreds of black t-shirts because we just love that color. We like good music. And yes, a couple weeks ago I worshiped to the sounds of Papa Roach. A lot of us really suck at trying to live our lives. We hurt those around us, make horrible decisions, and struggle with pride, anger, and lust. While all of that might make a nice article to scare my Grandparents, actionchurch is not just being “anti” or indie.

We are coming up on the Relay For Life, an awesome opportunity to show the community that we care more about paying rent, building buildings, or having nice offering plates. actionchurch, lets help our neighbors, show love to the unloved, and give ridiculously. I want to encourage you if you have never came to actionchurch, come check us out and see why we are church, minus the suck.

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