Sunday Recap: My name is Joe pt.2

hello my name is joe
hello my name is joe

This week was the second installment of the “Joe” series.  Every week I am personally surprised at how much I have learned about handling the “ups and downs” of life from the life of Joseph.  His story isn’t “history”, or Bible trivia…it’s a road map of how to succeed in life!  God cares more about our Character than our comfort.  It is so tempting to sacrifice our values and integrity in tough circumstances…but long after the circumstances pass, our choices remain.  If we trust God in the bad times and remember that it is God who blesses us and causes us to succeed in the good times- we can count on him to turn even the “things intended to harm us”  into good…  

The Highlights:

I know that we have people struggling with some very tough circumstances right now…I hope everyone will continue praying for our actionchurch “comrades”.

Chambered on stage…my ears still hurt…in a good way.  Love those guys…great band with great hearts.  Thanks Jimmy for sharing your “pit”…we’ll be praying and know God will be with you.  Yes “Lifeline” by Papa Roach is my favorite song right now.

I told my story of becoming an “accidental underwear thief”…  I hope the podcast isn’t named that…  btw podcasts of this series should be up soon so you can listen in at home.

Someone turned 21 this weekend…someone overslept today.   Still, Josiah did a great job of kicking off the service today.  Thanks Ryan for getting all the video gear set up…we’ve come a long way since I used to have to wire everything up on Sunday morning

Yes I did talk about the “original Greek and Hebrew” today :-)   I hope that was clear enough…

I had someone thank us for doing “what we do as a church”…when I said it’s our pleasure I really meant it.  :-)  That is not just an expression when I talk about being able to be part of what is happening.

Had a photographer from the York Dispatch in the house.  I had Garrett give her the “guided tour”.  I learned at the York Fair that he can probably answer any question about actionchurch better than I can.

Easter is gonna be really cool.  I’m gonna be talking about Easter from an angle that I have NEVER thought of before.  I was talking to Jerry from the all-stars about their set and he had the exact idea before we spoke…spooky cool.

Speaking of Easter, we’re gonna have a new invite card to give everone next week so you can invite your friends.

Don’t forget the Pledge show at the Valencia on Saturday.  (link)

I know I say this every week, but I can’t thank all the people enough who make actionchurch happen…from the actionkidz crew…to everyone who sets it up and tears it down…everyone who invites, invests, is involved-you are making a difference in York County!

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