Been there, done that…


Imagine a world where discoveries and knowledge weren’t shared.  I’m not talking about a place where “paparazzi” didn’t “inform” us of everytime Lindsay Lohan gets a new zit or DUI.   I’m talking about a place where if you wanted an automobile you had to literally “re-invent the wheel”.  A place where everyone had to discover how to “make fire” for themselves or live a life eating cold tuna salad sandwiches and leftover pizza (that is if they were gifted enough to have been able to assemble a refrigerator themselves.)   A world where no one communicated their “discoveries”…where everyone had to “figure it out for themselves”… would be a much darker, difficult, and lonely place. 

I think one of the greatest gifts God gave us beyond the priviledge of talking to him through prayer,  is the ability to communicate and share information.  We have the ability to access other’s knowledge and wisdom…to learn from their life experiences…we don’t have to always “figure it out for ourselves”.  I am so thankful for the people who are wiser than me…who have “been there, done that”…who are willing to share their struggles and victories…who help guide my thinking  in difficult times.  The difficulty, though;  is “opening up” and sharing our lives with others. It’s much “safer” to act like you have it all figured out than to admit that you have questions and “issues”.  

Every week as I prepare to speak I pray that the sermon will answer someone’s “life question”.  I pray that what God’s word says will encourage them to chose the right path instead of the “easy one”.  I share my experiences…we even allow txt msg questions during the service.  I know however, that inspite of all we can do as a church in one hour on Sunday morning, it’s not going to “answer” all the questions people have.  It’s not going to “cover” all the issues we deal with. 

Thank you for all of you who are offering your help (and homes) to provide a place where people can “access” the collective wisdom and experience of others…let’s keep the discussion and planning going…but let’s not stop there.  Let’s not wait for the “action underground” small groups to start to share our lives with others.  Invite someone over for dinner.  Make a phone call.  Open up.  We were not meant to live this life alone.  We don’t have to “figure it out for ourselves”…most likely, someone you know has already “been there-done that”.

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