I hope you have been enjoying reading the guest bloggers over the last two weeks…I know I have!   Stay tuned for more to come.

I have had the great privilege of hearing perhaps more “stories” of how people came to actionchurch than anyone, and one thing always strikes me.  Even though every story is different…every person unique…they all have ONE thing in common.   Someone told them about what is “going on” at actionchurch!   SOMEONE was their “connection.”

Every week we ask people to do three things.  Invite-Invest- and get Involved.    I am thankful for the people who chose to invest their hard earned cash in actionchurch…we wouldn’t be able to continue if you didn’t choose to donate.  I appreciate so much our crew that is involved every Sunday with “producing” Sunday mornings for everyone else to (hopefully:-) enjoy.  We simply could not exist without our unbelievable volunteer crew!   However, I know that everyone can’t donate money right now…some of us are looking for work…some of us are struggling financially right now.  Everyone can’t show up on Sunday morning to set up…or stay after to tear down.    Everyone CAN tell someone about what’s happening at actionchurch.  ANYONE can do it…whether you have been part of the “action” since day one…or you’ve only been attending for a few weeks. 

Tell a friend about actionchurch…about what God is doing in your life.  It might be the single most important thing you can do right now.  You just might be the CONNECTION to another great story…

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