Txt Tuesday


Ok folks it’s Txt Tuesday so let’s let our fingers do the walkin’ and the txts do the talkin’.

We got overwhelmed with great txts about what worship “is” on Sunday morning.  Honestly I think some of the “personal definitions” people gave were better than the one I used…

Txt: Worship is spending time praising God. Whether by music, poems, or prayer, or dancing…It’s personal time letting  him know He is da Bomb!

Txt:  Worship is any action I take that places God in his rightful place and me in mine.

Txt:  It (worship) is an expression of your heart that only God can hear and only you and God understand.  Anything can be worship, it’s not any one act in itself.

Txt: (Worship is) Putting something or someone in the highest place in your life and it is manifested through your actions.

Txt: (Worship is) People gathered in small or large groups proclaiming their faith and rejoicing together trusting fully in God.

Txt:  I think everyone has their own style of worship.  God Made us all unique in our own way and we are all at different points in our lives so all styles can be different as long as it is from your heart.

Txt: (Worship is) Communication with God.

Txt:  Worship: being able to praise God in any way you see fit.  Whether its a service, music, or a gathering.  It’s being able to openly praise God and being comfortable in your relationship with him.

Txt:  (Worship is) a type of song to a worship feel, but I can worship God when I’m working on my car or just chillin at home with my sketch book.

Txt:  Worship is way more that a simple definition, anything that is done to glorify God can be a form of worship.

Txt: The act or actions in which your heart is completely and fully in a state of awe in the fullness of Christ.

Txt:I think worship is any form of Praise to God.  And Where is Don’s jacket today?

Don:   So there it is…twelve personal definitions of Worship…all different…all pointing to one thing-honoring and pleasing God!  I thought I would post them without “comment” because I think the diversity and the depth of the definitions say more about all of the ways that we can worship God far better than I can…but of course I still want to say something anyway. :-)

God is looking for Worshipers who worship him in “spirit and in truth” I think one of the most important things to remember about worship is that while we must continue to diligently search for the “truth”  part of the worship “equation”…there is simply no way for us to Judge the “spirit” part of it.   We can learn from scripture things that are simply not allowed as “True” worship…for example God is pretty clear that he does not want us to sacrifice our children to him..whew.  But we have no way of knowing what people’s motives or “spirit” is…we simply must leave that up to God to Judge.  Worship in “he Church” is very diverse…very unique from service to service…and I’m pretty sure God is happy about that as long as our hearts are honoring him.

As for the txts about my “missing” Jacket and “unnatural” love of argyle…you’ll just have to show up next week.  I MAY have a Jacket made completely of argyle…

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