(m)ac-tion church


Ok, I know that I am a known “Apple unbeliever”…but I’m about to say something really nice about them.   I just read that Apple posted their largest quarterly sales ever…in the midst of an obviously weak economy.   I think I know why.

All of you “Apple Zealots” are crazy…absolutely nuts about apple products.   You tell everyone about how great Apple is…and how “it” has changed your lives.  You’re evangelistic…you “preach” the good news about Apple everywhere.  And that’s a good thing.  Because of you,  even a skeptic like me has had to look at making “the switch”.  Even though I still use a PC I now have good things to say about “macs”…within the next two weeks all of our Sunday morning multi-media will be running “macs”.   I just had a great experience ordering stuff from the Apple store for the transition.   I’m not “converted” yet…but could a “mac” be in my future…just maybe.

So no Garrett,  we are not going to change our name from actionchurch to (m)ac-tionchurch…or applechurch.  But I think in light of last Sunday’s questions about how Christianity can survive and grow in America…I think I now know from all you “apple evangelists” just how it can happen.  All it takes is people completely “sold” on Jesus…willing to tell their friends about how much he has changed their lives.  “Crazy.”  “Nuts.”   This next “quarter” may well be the best for Jesus and Apple ever…no matter what the religious or economic “climate” is in America.

4 thoughts on “(m)ac-tion church

  1. josiah, ryan and I will convert you to our Mac Ways….. just like i can not deny the gifts and blessing god has given me in my life, threw that past 8 month. you can not deny Mac-action church is coming to town….

    -god will always walk by our sides, and carry us when we can walk anymore

    -Macs will never crash on us in the middle of church, and leave us smiling with all it’s goodies it has to offer

    god bless action church!

    mac bless don with your presence!

  2. A slice of “Apple” pie from me to you. You are so close. Just take the step and you will see life in a new way. I will be “praying” for you!

  3. Wait…apple pie is an apple product? I’m in? In fact…I may be their biggest customer. (Homer Simpson voice) Mmmmmm apple pie.