Txt Tuesday


Okay, It’s Txt Tuesday folks so let’s “kick the tires and light the fires”.

txt:  Is brown the new denim?

Don:   No actually brown is the new black…black is the new blue…and anything argyle is awesome!   Josiah?

txt:   I agree with what u say and often start this conversation with friends- yet still inaction reigns!  What is the solution over this chasm of theory to action? 

Don:  Wow…you really managed to say a lot in a few short words.  You are absolutely right, just talking about how we are losing “market share” won’t make it stop.  I’m sure the auto makers had more than one “meeting” or seminar over the years about how to “beat the imports”…yet here we are in “bail-out-ville”.  The positive thing that I see happening now is that at least the church (and some automakers) are no longer “blaming the customers”…and are starting to look inward out how bloated and “inefficient” we have become.   (Multi-million dollar dealerships with no customers and multi-million dollar churches with empty chairs look a lot alike to me.)  Truthfully…I don’t think the hope of changing the tide for Christianity comes as much from the (corporate) church…as much as from individuals.  Want to change your neighbor’s bad opinion about “Christians”… treat them with love, mercy, forgiveness and kindness.  It can change one person at a time.  I see the role of the church is to inspire and focus their attenders to “put the teachings of Jesus into action!”

txt:   We need a modern day Christian Heroes month!

Don:   I agree…the heroes that can start fires with their hands and fly and…oh wait…that’s just a show on NBC.  Seriously though, I think the “backlash” that has happened against “Saints” by protestants has harmed us in many ways.  We certainly shouldn’t worship other humans…but the fact that we put a leather cover on the Bible and called God’s work on earth “finished”…added to the fact that we are afraid to really honor those who have done great things in the kingdom, because they might become a “Saint”…leaves a lot of people thinking that God only “moved” in “Bible times”.   Because of that I think church in America  has become a lot like the “Renaissance Fair”…a place that you dress up to go learn about “Ye olden tymes”…and then drive away in your SUV to a world that has nothing to do with what you just witnessed…

txt:  If God loves us why is American Idol still on?

Don:  It’s BECAUSE God loves us that American Idol is still on my friend:-)  Yea he has even blessed us with another Judge…Judge Kara.   How do you feel that your auditiontxt, just went?

txt: The separation between God and state is a blended line and it always has been BUT the more desperate America becomes for “peace” the more we artificially grasp for religion as a way out…

Don:  …religion…AND Government.   I think as Christians we have put ourselves in a “bind” because over the years we have “used” legislation to “enforce” our morals…and now people put more confidence in Government legislation than God…or Morality.  For example,  I’m pretty sure what makes “HOLY’ Matrimony a “binding covenant” has more to do with being before God, than getting a certificate from the state of PA.  Yet because we have “used” legislation to bolster and uphold marriage, most people believe that “preserving the sanctity of marriage” comes from fighting for legislation…instead of actually honoring the covenant they made before God in marriage…yeesh, what a mess we make when we get out of the “salvation” business and get into the “legislation” business.

txt:  Don’s jacket is nice today.

Don:  I think we should just end there, thank you…

One thought on “Txt Tuesday

  1. I am gonna have to go the Indie route for the question… “Is Brown the new Denim?” and say Black, Black, and more Black!!!