Sunday Recap: Mythbusters III


Today was week three of the Mythbusters Series and we asked the question, Is Christianity in America “Too Big to Fail”?  Today Josiah left his place as Chief Creative Officer “behind the scenes” and grabbed a mike as we discussed the similarities between Christianity in America and the “Big Three”.  (Not the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost…but GM, Ford, and Chrysler)   I thought Josiah did a great job pointing out how his generation (twenty somethings), resents church working with Government to “legislate morality”…  It seems that car companies and religions both turn to Government to “force” people to “buy” their product when people remain unconvinced on their own.  I ended the talk by reading from 2 Timothy 4:1-5… We must tell people the good news of Jesus whether the circumstances are convenient…or not.   It’s what we do…it’s our “industry”…

The Highlights:

Lots of good txt messages today (and some loony ones:-)  we were having technical difficulties and couldn’t post any on the screens today…but be assured Josiah and I will address them on “Txt Tuesday”

Get a Life onstage today…I really dig their cover of “Never underestimate my Jesus” by Reliant K…  (I know that’s not the real name…but it’s what I remember of the song.)

Caycee and Brett from The pledge were in the service…their song “Way with Words” Debuted on “Under the Radar” on 105.7 the X tonight!  Way to go guys…we are really fortunate to have such great bands play actionchurch.

Thanks for all the iPhone pics from “Stage Manager General” Garrett…you’ll be hearing more from him on the blog soon…oh yeah.

I thought it was really appropriate that the “Big Cog” logo we project on the wall flickered and went out at the end of the service…we got it fixed but thats just the way equipment has worked lately…except for the Apple products.  (disclaimer for all you mac-zealots)

I really enjoyed having Josiah on stage…even though he made the comment that “he was too young to remember Ronald Reagan”…wow.  I was out of highschool and working on growing the “Greatest Mullet ever” by the time he was born…

I heard a kid walking out this afternoon telling his mom how “cool” actionkidz was…my little Reagan thinks so too…way to go all of you!

It’s hard to believe that we’re about to celebrate our first “birthday” as a church in three weeks…who thought we would survive this long???


I am really looking forward to February…January has been pretty tough so far…lots of “difficulty”…in my “experience” at actionchurch that generally means really amazing things are coming!   It’s all good…

7 thoughts on “Sunday Recap: Mythbusters III

  1. Jeremy and I joined the MAC followers yesterday our “e-machine” PC crapped the bed and I am sooooo sick of getting virus’ so we are now MAC folks…it’s different, but I think it looks really cool so once we figure it out we’ll be all good…I told Jeremy we should have talked to Josiah at church about it!! We still might if we have “technical difficulties” I don’t think I ever want to use a PC again I want to throw my laptop Gateway out the window but I need a PC for work! Ok have a good week I’m rambling!

  2. I will just say this. You have made the best decision in your computer lives. I love Apple, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. Because second to using a Mac, I enjoy talking about them. Which one did you get?!

    • This is turning into “apple lovers forum” but I gotta say I was ready to join you all at about 1am last night after swapping out the harddrive in my HP pc to make it work again…congrats!

  3. It’s great to see people catching on the the mac addiction ”MAC-MANIA” yu see I have a apple iPhone which I’m completly hooked on even tho Don makes fun of me. I say it’s jealousy, he says i’m just ‘special’. I recently (meaning) yesterday bought a MacBook so now I’m full blown apple-aholic so now we need to convince Don to make the change! And we may have to change

    ‘action church’


    ‘apple church’

  4. “Apple church” I am cracking up!!! Don should definately make the change…I’m having trouble with some things b/c I’ve always used windows…but when I figure out how to do them on the Apple it is MUCH EASIER…it’s just changing your way of thinking…Don should definately get on board with MAC-mania not only is it cool they look much sweeter….we got a 20″ iMAC…it is excellent that there is no tower and hardly any wires I LOVE IT!!!! I want an iphone now….I’m trying to talk to people who have iphones to see if they really like them I have an LG EnV 2 and I really like it (but Verizon is expensive and it’s starting to tick me off)….ok Don’s gonna kick us off of here for MACin’ it LOL

  5. P.S. I would LOVE to see a picture of the greatest mullet ever!! ha ha and what is “twitter” I haven’t heard of it before….I must be getting old….that’s not good!

  6. I’m a contrarian…instead of getting a Mac I’m going to get one of those old “Suitcase” IBM pc’s with windows 98 on it…so there. :-)