Yeah, I’m a “wrapper”…(not that kind, although I do “rock the mike like a vandal”) I’m the wrapper at our house. I wrap up the Christmas gifts. I actually enjoy it. I like to make each gift look great…I like to be creative with the packaging to preserve the “surprise”. (I’m so glad I’m not saying this on stage…because I’m sure Josiah would have some comment about that “mental image”.)

I was thinking yesterday as I “wrapping” though, that Michele and “Grandpa” actually purchased 95% of the gifts. (She actually purchases 100% of the gifts that people actually enjoy each year …including hers!) Someone else did most of the work…found the “perfect” gift…stood in the check out line…made the purchase. I’m just lucky enough to get to “wrap it up” and put it under the tree…’cause I HATE shopping!

I’ve been thinking that I am a “wrapper” on Sunday mornings at actionchurch as well. I don’t “create” the truths I get to “wrap up and put under the tree” each Sunday. I just get to create a little “surprise” with my “wrapping”. I don’t actually do the things that are making actionchurch the great “gift” to our community that it is becoming each week…you do! You create the atmosphere, fill (and set up) the chairs, play the music, make the coffee, welcome the guests, design the graphics, teach the “kidz“, tell your friends, pay the rent, set up the signs, …”run the show”. Thanks for letting me “wrap it up” each week…it’s an honor…and a real pleasure.

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