Sunday Recap: (Behind the music addition)

Today was the final week of the “Rock Band” Series. We talked about Act 19:8-10…where Paul took the believers out of the local Synagogue and instead held discussions at the local lecture hall. I can’t think of a better example of what actionchurch is all about… taking the message of Jesus to outsiders…instead of just arguing with religious folks. Because of this move in Acts everyone in the province of Asia heard the good news of Jesus…that is our dream for York County…that because we are taking the good news of Jesus outside of religious circles…everyone will hear.
The Highlights:

  • Chambered was insanely good today…. Five Finger Death Punch (Never Enough) to open..followed by a really sweet new original (Never Give up). Next was Disciple (Game on) which they absolutely killed…in a good way. Final song was Shinedown (Save me) which led up to next weeks message “Jump” perfectly. These Guys have not missed a beat since reforming after the Clean Slate Break up…I just wish they would play some “heavy” music…:-)
  • Jake had the music crankin‘ today…I think he loves turning Chambered UP… We’re going to miss working with Jake every week (He owns the Sound system at Fat Daddy’s) We will be using the Sound man From Club 19 but Jake has agreed to be our back up sound engineer.
  • Feeling kind of nostalgic today…I’m really excited about the move to Club 19…but I think everyone will miss Fat Daddy’s….I kept snapping pictures of “behind the music” stuff that I wanted to remember…here’s some below.

Guys playing pool before church started this morning…

Here’s my “secret” restroom by the stage…

I remember lots of last minute “desperation” prayers before preaching

after we first launched in February…I was terrified!

Below is the closet that ALL of our “church” fits in downstairs…

  • Finally- Somebody lost some money at church this morning…we found it…let us know what you lost and it’s yours…we don’t want to take an “accidental” donation…

Talledega is on…Dale Jr. is leading…I gotta get back to it. Thanks to all of you who make actionchurch possible each week!

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