actionkidz check in work day…

I mentioned last week that we would need to build a “set” for actionkidz. The new actionkidz area is basically a really clean “garage” with a large garage door on each end. (the Club 19 building was actually an auto repair business at one time) So…the new actionkidz “theme” is pit area/Garage. (I can’t believe I didn’t think of that!)

The date for the “build” is Saturday October 11th. We will basically need to build a “Set” or Facade (approx 13.5′ wide by 12′ tall)that fits that theme (I think the picture above might need a little too much repair), functions as a check in center, is able to be moved on its own wheels…and won’t fall over and crush the children…that’s pretty important!

Email me for details… I know someone Sunday said they had Set building experience…if you are that person please email me…I have questions.

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