On moving:

Back in July I wrote this. I had no idea how true these words were when I posted them:

“I’ll close with two true-but completely contradictory statements.

  • We are already planning, preparing, and praying about how to take actionchurch to the “next level” as we continue to grow.
  • I have not a freakin‘ clue what exactly is going to happen…that’s in God’s hands. (Don’t worry…this time last year I had no idea how or where to start a church (seriously)…and now we are trying to figure out how to best deal with actionchurch’s growth.) God is Good!”

Since I wrote those words in July we have been working to free up more seats on Sunday Morning by first filling the bar area with as many seats as possible, (sorry for the crowded conditions lately) and then offering a second service…I was convinced that in spite of the difficulties and expense of having a second service on Sunday mornings at Fat Daddy’s, it was the best option…the owners and sound man even generously offered to let us have the extra time for free…our main concerns were for the volunteers who set up and tear down actionchurch every week…and the bands that would have to agree to play twice on Sunday Mornings. actionkidz was also a difficulty… we struggle to find enough volunteers upstairs on Sunday Mornings for one service…let alone two. There were many questions and difficulties…but it seemed to be our only option, because as I said this Sunday, “actionchurch exists for the many people in York county who are not at this point even considering coming to church. The don’t think they would be accepted, they don’t think they would be interested…but if we could provide more seats and invite them…they just might change their mind about Jesus and the church”.

It turns out that there was a better option. Even though I was certain that I had “explored every option” before launching actionchurch…I missed one…and I am convinced that God had it “waiting in the wings” for us when we outgrew Fat Daddy’s Nightclub. (I actually met with one of the owners of Club 19 before we launched in February…I just didn’t know who he was…) In short, Club 19 offers us a chance to seat roughly double the number of people we can currently handle on Sunday Mornings. Offers more tables that we can invite our friends to join us at for coffee, donuts, a band, and a preacher on Sunday morning. Offers our great volunteers a much needed break by taking most of the cleaning and set-up out of the equation. (I am really glad that Michele will no longer be cleaning nightclub restrooms on Sunday morning… talk about doing the “dirty work” of church planting…thank you!) The move will also offer us a chance to dramatically reduce our monthly expenses (unbelievable)…a chance to do even more in our community…a chance to become financially solvent…basically a chance to not only survive..but grow.

Will we have to deal with the “problem” of going to multiple services in the future? I certainly hope so…and soon. (It will be helpful; though, to have a larger volunteer base when we do.) Will we move again? I certainly hope so… in fact I hope in the future that we move back to Fat Daddy’s as an additional “East Side” campus… Whatever happens in the future I am thankful that we have been given such a great opportunity as a “next step” for actionchurch. See ya at club 19 on the 19th!

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