Wait for the Question!

One of the very best parts of hanging out at the actionchurch tent at the fair is all the great questions we get from people interested in what we are “all about”. I love how open and honest people are in their questions. But you know what?…Prior to working in the actionchurch tent I never had anyone come up to me and ask me a question about Jesus, religion, or the church I attended in all the years I have been to the York Fair. It just never happened!

The reason we get the privilege of answering peoples questions about God and faith is because we were willing to “risk” our time and money in renting a spot at the fair, stocking it with free Dunkin Donuts coffee and Balloons, spending hundreds of hours volunteering to serve (Thank you all!)…and basically being vulnerable and “dumb” enough to “put ourselves out there” in the community…

Contrast the above scenario with the gentleman who came by our tent this evening, delivered a short Bible quiz and lecture, and left me with a tract that I “should read”. I am certain that he had the very best intentions…the information he provided was correct…but the reason that his tract ended up in my office trash can is quite simple… I never asked him a question!

I am convinced that the reason that so many view Christianity as an arrogant and pompous religion is because we are so concerned about having “all the answers” that we forget to care enough about people to earn their trust, be patient and wait for their questions… Answering questions people ask is viewed by them as a “service”…answering questions no one asked is viewed as an annoying “lecture”…I’m just sayin

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