Friday night at the fair..

Came home last night tired, filthy, and smelling like funnel cakes…that’s just a normal Friday night for me…but I think I developed a case of “balloon tie-er’s” hand. Yesterday was definitely the “right” way to start off the York Fair.

Garrett and I hadn’t even completely set up the tent when someone asked if we were a “Satan Church” because our tent was black…We got yelled at for riding on the running boards of Lance’s “loaner Monster Jeep”…which by the way-everyone asks if we are “giving the Jeep away”. I told a young “Bible Scholar” who wanted to argue, that he should NOT come to actionchurch, … just another typical night at York Fair.

Thanks to all the actionchurch folks that helped out last night…not only do Michele and I appreciate the help (I actually got to take Reagan down to see the “bunnies, chickies, and duckies” because the tent was covered) but it makes the time so enjoyable because actionchurch folks are a lot of fun!

I love hangin‘ out with actionchurch folks and giving stuff away for free…No Strings Attached,
Stop by and see us…tip your waitress…we’re here all week.

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