"txt msg" questions…

It was a lot of fun to respond to questions that people sent in via text message during the sermon last week. I am really looking forward to some great questions this week as we discuss a topic that it seems so many people are curious about… the Supernatural: angels and demons.

Josiah and I are already discussing how things we learn from doing this series can be used in future Sunday mornings at actionchurch…maybe more “text your questions/comments”segments in future sermons…or, live audience polls/ or surveys… or, text this number to “vote that Don never wear that t-shirt in public again”. I’m excited about the possibilities (except maybe for the whole “vote Don off the island” thing).

Thanks to all of you who sent in questions and comments… Here’s a couple we didn’t get to:

Q: action church rocks!!! (thanks)

Q: is ur gut God speaking? (I think it can be…I am “wrong” about so many things…but sometimes I “know” in my gut that something is right… I think God absolutely created and uses our “gut”)

Q: if you pray how do u know u r forgiven? (it’s about faith…I don’t fully understand electronic banking…I can’t “see” my bill being paid when I swipe my debit card at Lowes… but they let me leave the store with my new “stuff”. I don’t fully understand why God says Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross is payment for my sins…but he says because of Jesus my account can be paid in full. It’s simply a leap to faith to pray and believe that God has forgiven us…)

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