Sunday Recap: actionchurch "at the movies" II

Today was week two of the at the movies series…we talked about living a life at peace with your self and others from Luke 6:37-42 and the movie Dan in Real Life. Conflict with our values leads to conflict with others. Conflict may make a great story…but it’s a miserable way to live.
The Highlights-

  • Had the super group;-) “Different isn’t that good” onstage…although I announced that they were fresh from touring Europe with David Hasselhoff, they were actually members of The Recovery, “our Josiah” on keys, and Seth on Base. They started the set with “Over my head” (the Fray) then played “Learning to Breathe” (Switchfoot) and “All hands on Deck” (Waking Ashland). The Guitar was out due to a bad cable on the first song but they rocked the rest of the set. Josiah sang “Let my love open the Door” (Pete Townsend) from the Movie sound track to close out the service. He sings, he plays keys…he kicks butt on graphic design…sorry ladies, I think he’s taken.
  • I had a lot of feed back this week from this post… seems people really dig the “club” atmosphere over having only lines of chairs like a classroom. I think we had a pretty good mixture of keeping more tables available but still maximizing out seating. Thanks Dave for working it out!
  • Speaking of seating…great crowd again. Summer is definitely not the “off season” at actionchurch…we are definitely growing.
  • I hooked up a giant digital clock that I can actually see out at the video box…our services are literally planned down to the minute and I have been having a lot of difficulty actually seeing the clock on stage (or my watch) in the low light…I love the new one.
  • Had a couple of new people sign up to be on the monthly rotation for actionkidz…Thanks!
  • This series is really “stretching” us in how we can integrate video into the service…I think we are learning some stuff that will be useful later in the year.
  • …although no one is actually “paid” at actionchurch…I think we have one of the best “staffs” I have ever worked with. Thanks to all the crew!
  • I dig this series…I love the smell of popcorn in the morning…but I think some stuff we are doing in August is going to be the best “actionchurch” yet…stay tuned.

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