The trouble with lists…

I saw this pic over on Los’ blog (link) and it made me laugh and feel really sad/angry at the same time. First of all it’s sad that this is how one church ( one of many?) thinks they should tell people the “good news” of God’s kingdom plan for earth…

Secondly I think it perfectly illustrates the danger of “making lists” of “sins that God hates” instead of admitting the truth-that we are all sinners who deserve judgement.

  • Note that murder didn’t make the list…but being a “sports fan” did?!?
  • “Pot smokers” made the list…luckily I just switched to crack…
  • What about Kyle Busch fans…how did they not make the list? Ooh I guess they were listed under “sports fans”.
  • Note that “the list” includes mostly visible “outsider”sins not the “acceptable” church people sins of being unforgiving, bitterness, envy, arrogance, being judgemental….
  • No mention of the “sin” of having too many “christian” bumper stickers on the back of your mini-van…I’m pretty sure that should make the list…oops…there I go…making my own “list”.

That’s the trouble with “lists”. They allow us to forget that our “job” is to Love our Neighbor as our self…and God’s “job” is to convict and judge sin… It never goes to well for us when we get those two things reversed

6 thoughts on “The trouble with lists…

  1. I wish I could express without profanity how angry that “list” makes me. I want to condescendingly ask “How can you people be so stupid?”. But then what have I done? I have just made my own different list. Of course I think that my list is better and more correct (otherwise I wouldn’t have it) but it is still a list. How do I live/love without a list? I wish I knew the answer.

  2. What a list. It’s almost a checklist of things I have done that I have been forgiven for. Why don’t they add to the list people that don’t forgive? If you tell them you repented, will that be good enough for people that do these things? I hope God can forgive me, but I can’t give up my Eagles.

  3. Jared- I think according to the list unless you “blaspheme” profanity is “allowed”… HA

    jpowelly- Wow, now that’s a true Eagles fan…willing to risk eternal damnation for the “birds”… Just don’t predict the outcomes of the games…then you would be a “psychic sports fan” (doubly evil!)

  4. Well as an Eagles fan, I think I have taken my punishment over the years. Pray for us.

  5. I think they oughta add “people that don’t twitter” to that list of people going to hell!

  6. Why should I twitter?…I’m paranoid enough already to think that people are “following me”…