"Vacation" = uncertainty and possibility.

I had a great day just hanging out with the family yesterday…got outside for a while…ate some burgers…watched a pretty good movie last night (National Treasure-Book of Secrets). But, even though I “took the day off” and didn’t even blog… I couldn’t help but think about actionchurch stuff, “just a little”.

On Sunday I previewed Summer at actionchurch as “Summer Vacation”…spending some time together at the shore, seeing a few good movies, and taking the time to enjoy some good conversations with “family”.

I actually think the Summer vacation metaphor works on many levels for the next three months of actionchurch. No, I don’t think we can spend the next three months on the beach…although that would be cool. (You really don’t want to see me in my spider man swimming trunks anyway) And no, I don’t think we should all “crowd into the minivan” together and take a road trip… But there is always that feeling of excitement and uncertainty and yes- possibility before a really good vacation. You’ve made “plans” to go, but the place you are going is unfamiliar…you don’t know what the weather will be like…who you will meet. You’ve planned the route and packed your bags…but there could be detours along the way. In the end it’s usually the unexpected things that we remember most…

To tell you the truth I am excited and a little nervous about the next three months… I can’t exactly put my finger on it, but as a church I think we are about to enter a new phase…I feel a lot of uncertainty and possibility as we leave the “start up” phase of actionchurch and head for some exciting new places. I’m planning to hold on tight, enjoy the ride, and try to Follow the “GPS” of God’s guidance to the best of my ability… Jump in, buckle up, let’s roll!

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