NO "sermon Illustrations" needed…

For the next few days the Record family is going to have some “family together time.” We’re gonna go hang out in Reston, Va today, tomorrow I’m going to this conference (Whiteboard) while the girls shop and hang out at the hotel. Friday we are going to be working together to finish up a project at work. It’s gonna be a lot of fun.

Here’s the deal though…when I preached about money-we struggled with finances, when I talked about “busy-ness“- we had the biggest “time crunch” to deal with that week. Sunday I am going to be talking about relationships….see where this is going?

As a family we will go from three bathrooms to one tiny hotel bathroom…spend time in the car…share one TV. I told the girls last night that I am going to be on my very “best behavior”. Pray for me. I don’t need any more “relationship sermon illustrations”…I’ve got a life time of them already!

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