…more bars in more places.

Jared and Melissa Lawpenrose

(yup-they are both “of age)

I love the entrepreneurial spirit of the people of actionchurch! A couple of months ago when Jared and Melissa first came to church, the first thing Jared asked about was “small group” opportunities for community with other couples. Unfortunately, I had to tell them that we were still 6 months to a year away from starting up small groups. Instead of waiting for “official” small groups to start up(or looking for another church that provided what they were looking for) Jared and Melissa took action. Jared just emailed me to say that they had started a gathering on tuesday nights at 7:45 at the Harp and Fiddle Pub.

Here’s how Jared discribed it:

“The thought is just to provide a space in which people can connect with one another, share stories about life, work, family, etc. A space to explore ideas, thoughts and fears with a group of people who want to do the same thing. Conversations of consequence maybe…”

I know good things come when people put their passion into action…when they step out in faith instead of waiting for the “professionals” to do something about a need…so I can’t wait to hear what comes out of their conversations. If you are looking for a place to “hang and talk on Tuesday nights and want more details, you can email me at info@actionchurch.com and I’ll forward it on to Jared and Melissa. If you are an old guy like me who thinks that anything after 8 pm on a school night is time to sit on the couch, watch American Idol, and eat cheetoos…just relax and be glad that everyday Jesus is being discussed and introduced in “more bars in more places”…

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