"Doing good is good for business"..

One of our core values from the very beginning of actionchurch is that whenever we enter into a relationship with a business (whether it be the club we rent, bands,suppliers, vendors, whatever) we always wanted to be generous instead of stingy- givers instead of takers…

It’s certainly not “why” we do it but we are certainly seeing the benefits of that now… Within the last week I have seen two instances where the club owners have generously gone way above what is “expected” to help actionchurch! I wish I could be more specific, but let me just say they “have our back”!

What are some ways that you could be a “giver and not a taker” in your business or job?…I have found again and again in business and ministry that in the long run it will pay off. “Doing good is good for business…”

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