Hope Sunday Recap:

It doesn’t get much better than this…recapping a great Sunday while watching Talledega… Here’s the highlights in no particular order…

  • Gretchen File gave an awesome interview today about her experience surviving cancer and using her experience to co-chair the local relay…awesome.
  • Think one person can’t make a difference? Gretchen “evangelized” Michele and I about Relay through her experience while cutting our hair…last year our first event as a “pre-church” group was to do relay (5 people)….today, in addition to the hundreds of other people that she has affected we signed up 27!!! people who want to walk and serve others at relay. I am blown away! It looks like actionchurch will be fielding two teams at Relay! Unbelievable.
  • Jerry and the “House Band” (“Jerry’s Kids”?) were awesome today! Jerry “gets” the mission of actionchurch..so I can always depend on them to bring it!
  • Lynn (vocalist) did a very brave and inspirational talk about her recent experience with losing her husband to cancer… I don’t think I could have done it…truly an amazing woman.
  • Upstairs in actionkidz they “met” the Compassion international “kidz” they are sponsoring…it’s never too early to think of others.
  • We announced today that not only would we be fielding a team(s) to raise money for Relay for life…we will be serving participants of the event. We will be providing “foot spa” tent, (Practical Biblical “foot washing”???) to serve walkers and also providing and staffing a giant “bounce house” slide to serve the kids at the event. Stay tuned for updates.
  • It’s cool to see how God seems to send the people we need just at the right time. Today someone there for the first time asked how they could get involved in set-up on Sunday mornings…just this morning we had been discussing needing more set-up people to cover vacations this summer….too cool.
  • Attendance was good, offering was low. I could have predicted that…whenever we make a major effort to give to things outside of the church we are “tested” by things being tight financially for the church. There is always a “good” excuse not to be generous…the same thing happened at Easter when we gave away one weeks budget ($1100.00) God provided then and he will now…that’s just “how we roll.”
  • I had several people say they went out to the track to cheer on Bob and the actionchurch car. Unfortunately he finished the heat race (4th) but the main event was rained out. Way to go Bob!
  • Baptisms are coming!!! We will be having a baptismal service with a real “actionchurch flavor” in June. If you would like to go public with your decision to be a follower of Jesus this is your opportunity! I cannot wait.
  • We are such a “upside down” church… I know there are people who might think that our participation in Relay is a “gimmick” to get people to come on Sunday…actually the opposite is true…we do Sunday mornings so that we can gather more people to put the “kingdom plan” Jesus taught in action at events like relay!
  • The Visuals looked awesome today-thanx Josiah. We tested the “pac-man” set up for next weeks service…it is going to be too much fun.

Lot’s more stuff that were very cool today…but this is too long… and Junior (#88) is leading at ‘degaYEE HAW!

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