Sunday Recap: "Wrecked"-week1

If you are playing the actionchurch “home game” here’s a quick recap of the highlights.

  • We had our youngest band ever onstage. (Yesterday is waiting) They could definitely lay down some pop/punk…they just made me feel really old!
  • It was cool to see us continue to grow in numbers…a little less than Easter…but more than we were running before. I’m never gonna get too impressed with us running a few dozen, a few hundred, or even a few thousand when there are well over 200,000 people in York county who don’t go to church…I am glad to see us growing though. We just have a long way to go!
  • A couple of guys were asking me about getting the actionchurch logo graphics for tattoos…too cool. I think I am going to get a “cog” on my bicep as well. We’ll see… (don’t like “ink”? I think God has some…. (link)
  • I felt “off” preaching today…I love this series but as Randy Jackson would say…”It was just a’right for me”…
  • People are volunteering to help out in actionkidz…THANK YOU JESUS. actionkidz is the best part of actionchurch…but we have growing pains big time. As difficult as it is…what a great problem to have…we have so many parents willing to bring their kidz to Fat Daddy’s on Sunday morning that we need more help!
  • Donations were down today, but it was the last Sunday of a month with five Sundays…I knew that we would probably have a down week financially after giving away a weeks operating expenses last Sunday…I knew a moment would come when we would think “wow, it would really be helpful to have that cash now”. Guess what? I’m glad we gave it away and God will provide! The amazing story is that we made it through a month where we had five weekly rents to pay and were able to do what we did last week…that’s the real “story”!
  • Someone came in with a plan to record our sermons and put them on a cd before they even knew that I was going to announce that we would be recording the sermons and giving them to volunteers in actionkidz..I love when that happens.
  • We have great volunteers…every week I am more impressed!
  • I feel like I got hit by a truck…but I can’t stop thinking about how to make next week better.

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