"Faking it"

Okay, I admit that I am not a Beatles fan…gasp! But guess what….most of the contestants on American Idol last night weren’t either. The songs were “new” to them. Some of them admitted to hearing “their” song for the first time that week. The consistent theme of the show besides “sucking in general” was the judges saying, “These are great songs…but you just don’t seem to have a real connection to your song”… In spite of all the contestants proclamations of “love” for the music of the Beatles (a couple were probably sincere) they couldn’t fool the judges or the audience. If it’s not “your song” it’s hard to “fake it”.

That’s why I believe so strongly that being part of Gods kingdom plan for earth and living out your passions is the best way to live. You never have to fake it…

I can’t believe I am saying this- Bring back the Bee Gee’s theme night!

One thought on “"Faking it"

  1. This is definitely the worst Idol season… by far. They have some kids with great talent… they just haven’t “wowed” me yet. We’ll see how the end turns out…

    Great post on living out of your passions, though! ;-) Keep rockin’ on, bro!