Sunday Recap:

In the words of Simon from American Idol…we took a risk today but ” I loved it”!

  • I was nervous about doing the “storyteller” setup today, accoustic guitar, keys, and even a female vocalist…(not having a drummer and a hard rock band onstage totally “breaks tradition” at actionchurch!) It was awesome! I had lot’s of great feedback from people who were totally moved by the music today. Our first “Jerry and the house band” (we need a better name) was definitely a success!
  • I’m glad people laughed at the Office Space clip…that has to be my favorite movie.
  • Jake (pictured) was absolutely an example of “playing hurt” today. He finished running sound at the club at about 3:30am…which became 4:30 due to the time change…got home to a house without electricity…hooked up a generator..caught a couple hours of sleep and was back behind the soundboard by 9am…We could not do what we do without committed people like Jake!
  • The only person that forgot to “spring forward” was the person who unlocks the club…thanks to some new volunteers we were able to get it done anyway! Thanks Josiah and Lori!!!!
  • Speaking of the time change I thought we would be really down on attendance today…I think we were slightly up!
  • The offering was good today…I’m starting to see that we will probably not meet budget on Sundays…but God is sending generous people from all over to make up the difference online and through the mail. I am past even trying to figure it out…God is providing…how doesn’t matter.
  • We had 5 volunteers in actionkidz!!! Those guys are totally “getting it done”! They started a new 2-3yr old class and it went well.
  • It is so difficult not to “spill the beans” about what we are doing Easter…It is going to be too cool…
  • I have been sick and now I feel like a truck ran over me…. It’s a pretty good sign that church is really exciting when you “forget” how bad you feel until you get home!
  • I love hearing from new couples who are coming to actionchurch because “this is the only place my husband actually wants to come”…that is what it is all about.
  • A couple of “kids” from our previous church showed up…even though they are in their twenties I asked them “If their mommy knew they were in a bar”…I am so old!
  • The guys from x-stream are like a “pit crew” when it comes to tear down…the place was completely stripped in about 30 minutes…unbelievable.
  • I’m watching the Atlanta race and am about to take a “nascar nap”…

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