We’re going to switch things up on Sunday…a completely different “vibe” for actionchurch. The funny thing is that I am a little nervous about making the (one week only) changes … Here we are a one-month-old church that meets in a nightclub, has a big statue of Buddha standing in the “main auditorium”(part of the clubs “decor”), has a cigarette machine and an ATM, hands out earplugs along with Bibles…. and somehow I’m a little nervous about “breaking tradition”! No wonder churches that have been established for hundreds of years struggle with change.

We will be absolutely steadfast and unmovable in our vision to be the “church for people that don’t like church” and put the teachings of Jesus into action… Other than that…expect change…regularly…we cannot ever be more concerned about “the way we usually do it” than “getting it done” for Jesus. So make sure and don’t miss Sunday’s “non-traditional” second installment of the “Cure for the Common life”.

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